Saint Paul de Vence

A photographic stroll in the village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence
Saint-Paul de Vence is in soth of France

Where is Saint Paul ?

Saint-Paul-de-Vence is a medieval village located in south of France. Famous in the world wide, it drives each year more than two millions visitors.



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Purpose of this website

The purpose of this site to make you discover (or discover again) this marvellous village, jewel of our beloved Provence, its past, its present and its patrimony through a photographic stroll. .

I wanted to make something different from existing websites, proposing views from Saint Paul nether made before: as for example the one of the donjon which cannot be photographied in its highness due to the lackness(through lack of detachment) and of face such as it is introduced in the site, the Royal entry which was never photographed in its entirety since the cannon (technically no camera can make it without distortion),the chapel saint Clement, or else postcards of the beginning of the XXth century put in colour. All that is possible only with softwares of images processing. Of course these photos represent reality that the eye and the cerebrum receive but that cameras, with their lower objective, cannot pick up.
When the photo is a photomontage it is specified as Jacques Prévert in front of the village of saint Paul. Others, as the completely virgin hill of any house where is the village, made the object of modifications. These photomontages and these modifications show situations which probably existed. To finish I offer you a flyover in photographs of the village: it is void need to know the past to go for a walk in alleyways and simply dream, in front of the ramparts majesty and about the charm of the old stones that offers the medieval village of Saint Paul and you can go directly there or begin thereabouts before wanting to learn more about its history.

This site is not at all exhaustive or historical. It depends on no official organism (or not official besides), grouping or association. The photos and wallpapers are free but they remain the ownership of their authors. Photos cannot be used in a commercial purpose without the prior and written agreement of his author. Free usage is reserved for a non-commercial and private purpose.

This site has been launched in july 2007 in its french version and in february 2008 for the english version. It has needed a great amount of work before that to collect photos and to make them suitable for the site. New photos will be regularly displayed in the future. All your suggestions to improve the site or to report a bug are welcomed.

I wish you a magic stroll.

Odile Aubert


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Photos credits :

© Edward Quinn
© Odile Aubert

Postcards collections :

Louis Monzéglio
Odile Aubert


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A photographic stroll in the village of Saint Paul de Vence


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